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– Dr. Jordan Paul

A Partial List of Heart-Connected Feelings and Behaviors

Heart-connected feelings are soft and warm, accompanied by an openness to learning, and naturally present when not blocked by fear.

Heart-connected feelings include: Compassion, Love, Empathy, Sympathy, Sadness, Unhappiness, Contentment, Serenity, Humility, Fulfillment, Bliss and Joy.

Heart-connected feelings are: Innocent, Tender, Relaxed, Peaceful, Calm, Gentle, Sorrowful, Harmonious, Happy, Alive, Cheerful, Sparkling, Vibrant, Delighted, Enthusiastic, Graceful, Light, Alert, Optimistic, Blissful, Glad, Playful, Upbeat, Animated, Ecstatic, Excited, Passionate, Sensual and Freeing.

Heart-connected behaviors include: Caring, Comforting, Nurturing, Affectionate, Giving, Honoring, Reverent, Forgiveness, Connected, Intimate, Mindful, Appreciative, Grateful, Tears of joy and/or sadness, Considerate, Thoughtful, Embracing, Generous, Receptive, Benevolent, Accepting, Of service.

Being open to learning includes: Curiosity, Concern, Inquisitiveness, Attentiveness, Involvement and a desire to learn about oneself as well as others.

A Partial List of Heart-Disconnected Feelings and Behaviors

Heart disconnected feelings are hard and cold, there is no desire to learn, and result from fear.

Heart-disconnected manipulative feelings include: Annoyance, Irritation, Belligerence, Combativeness, Anger, Enraged, Fuming, Loathing, Hate, Fury, Hostile, Irate, Mad, Outrage, Pissed-off, Judgmental, Blaming, Condescending, Uptight, Aggrieved, Exasperated, Disgust, Bitterness, and Hysteria.

Heart-disconnected disaffected feelings include: Despondent, Envious, Greedy, Alienated, Jealous, Spiteful, Resentful, Disheartened, Empty, Bored, Inadequate, Insecure, Distracted, Dissatisfaction, Unhappy, Being a victim, Guilt, Shame, Stressed-out, Grouchy, Aloneness, Separate, Lonely, Disconnected, Emotional distance, Misery, Anxiety, and Neediness.

Heart-disconnected behaviors include: Arguing, Criticism, Revenge, Cruel, Quarrelsome, Ridicule, Demeaning, Yelling, Hitting, Lecturing, Controlling, Whining, Shaming, Tears of a victim, Attempting to convince, convert, win over, prove a point, impose guilt, get something, and be understood. Threatening and/or carrying out threats, Telling others how and what they should be feeling and/or doing, Avoidance, Withdrawing into indifference, Giving “the silent treatment” and Imprisoning.


A simple way to determine if a feeling or behavior comes from the heart is to remember that heart-connected responses always contain both compassion and an openness to learning. When both are not present, fear blocks the heart.

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  1. […] The feelings and behaviors that naturally follow being in oneness, are completely different than the feelings and behavior that arises from being disconnected from my heart.  Many of these behaviors will be discussed in future blogs.  For a list of heart connected and heart disconnected feelings and behaviors click here. […]

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