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I’m inspired by films that move me emotionally and lead me to think and learn about what it means to live more heart-connected and in oneness with my authentic self. An important part of my learning comes from discussing my thoughts and feelings. I will suggest a new film every Tuesday. I hope that by sharing my favorite movies that this site touches off discussions that can be part of that experience for you.

This week’s movie is DANGEROUS BEAUTY

Dangerous Beauty is based on the true story of a 16th century woman facing many challenges in living in integrity with her true self. At a time when only women who were courtesans could be educated, Veronica Franco chooses a life that allows her to develop her mind, personal power and creative ability through poetry. The film concludes when facing death at the hands of the Inquisition she speaks directly from her heart to ours.

  • What are some of the choices you have faced, or are facing in living true to yourself?
  • What are the negative consequences of compromising your integrity?
  • What are your fears of standing squarely in the truth of what you think and feel?
  • What do you need to do and what support would be helpful in overcoming those fears?


    One Response to “Movies From The Heart”

    1. Rowena says:

      A choice I faced – Admitting to myself that I was still hopelessly in love with my ex-boy friend when I met up with him after being happily married to someone else for 7 years. My head tried to tell me that I was just “reminiscing” or some such thing. My guilt told me I was being a bad disloyal wife. Head and guilt told me to stop feeling what I felt, and feel what I OUGHT to feel. (And I’m talking about FEELINGS here, not actions, which are another story entirely)

      Refusing to admit my feelings to myself would have compromised my integrity completely. I’d have spent the rest of my life being who other people expected me to be, lying to everyone around me about how I felt, bending myself into pretzel knots to feel what I was ‘supposed’ to feel and avoiding mirrors because I felt like a dirty liar.

      I was afraid of other peoples judgements of me, I was afraid of my judgements of myself. I was afraid that I was just being a foolish child who “Didn’t know what was good for her”. I was afraid that I was “falling” for someone who was “bad for me” (other peoples judgement there) the first time around. I was afraid of every ones disapproval and the consequences of that disapproval.

      And then I thought…Hang on? I’m wrong for loving someone, unconditionally, whole heartedly, without wanting anything from them but to know them from top to bottom? I’m wrong for loving someone, no matter what they have said or done, irrespective of how they feel about me? I am only supposed to love those who give me what I want, or treat me nice, or behave the way I want them too? I’m only supposed to love one person at a time? I’m only supposed to love the “appropriate” people? Isn’t unconditional love something we supposedly aspire to? Something we write poems, songs and movies about? So, when unconditional love fills me from head to toe I’m being judged as “wrong”?

      This feeling is not something I’m choosing! I don’t love this person because he’s good looking, or rich, or sexy, or meets any check list I have. A lightning bolt came scoot out of the sky and hit me square in the heart and it say “You love this person, without question or doubt, for always, no matter what”. Yet because of other peoples expectations I’m supposed to “change my heart”? My heart flat out refuses to change, and I refuse to dis regard my heart in order to avoid other peoples judgements. I’ll love who God inspires me to love, not who other judge “appropriate”.

      Now I just have to figure out what ACTIONS are consistent, respectful and loving to all.

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