Do I Have to Give Up Me
to Be Loved by You? - Workbook

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A newly revised edition of the workbook is now available. The workbook is designed to help you learn from conflicts. Since conflict occur in all relationships, relationships are obviously a most important vehicle for personal growth. The exercises are designed to be used for conflicts with anyone who is presently in your life or has been in your life, living or dead —adult lovers, parents, children, employers, employees, business partners, clients, friends, relatives and even with yourself.

The exercises provide the opportunity to learn about yourself on a very deep level and can be used over and over again to continually deepen your learning. The workbook is different from most other workbooks because rather than a series of exercises strung together, each one is related to the intention to learn from a conflict. Within each chapter are Self-Limiting Beliefs Checklists to help uncover the beliefs that create fear and defensiveness.

The following are the type of exercises contained in the following chapters:


  • Loving Behavior helps you think about and look for loving behavior.
  • Basic Learning Skills are formats for removing the blocks to being more loving. These formats focus on questions you can ask yourself again and again to find the answers to what's causing your unhappiness and to find ways out of that unhappiness. All of the exercises in the book are designed to help you use these formats.
  • Moving From Protection to Learning helps to move into an openness to learning.
  • Protections and Consequences deepens your learning about what you do in a conflict and the consequences that follow that behavior. This forms an important part of a motivation to change.
  • Acknowledging and Respecting Fear helps to understand your fears, the first step in moving through them.
  • Healing helps to unwraps protective coverings and heal the wounds from your past.
  • Continuing The Process presents ideas for helping and receiving help from others, as well as, other resources for your continued learning.
  • Inner Bonding helps you develop a powerful, loving adult self.



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