Dr. Jordan Paul offers comprehensive insight and resources for finding fulfillment by learning to live more consistently with an open heart and thereby express our true selves.

Dr. Paul has authored or co-authored numerous books, including the international best-seller, Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved By You? In Becoming Your Own Hero, Jordan provides a look at what may be the most important, challenging, and least understood pursuits of our lives, staying connected to our hearts more of the time.

Beginning in 2015 Jordan will be contributing a daily thought on living more heart connected for the Anthus Channel. He will also be co-facilitator of the Heart Connected Community on Anthus. Jordan and Josie Kelly will post weekly articles and conduct a call-in program that explores living a more heart-connected life and in this way creating more fulfillment and joy in all relationships. Everyone is welcome.


Becoming Your Own Hero illuminates a path to attaining the kind of power demonstrated by our most revered heroes, such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Inspirational heroes distinguish themselves by their ability to remain true to themselves even when facing adversity. Although there are everyday opportunities at home and at work to exhibit this kind of integrity, we have not been shown the way. Becoming Your Own Hero fills this gap. By integrating into the text five extended teaching stories that mirror real life, Becoming Your Own Hero not only provides enjoyable reading but makes its information accessible.

"I highly recommend this illuminating and touching look into the possibilities of staying connected to our hearts, even when facing difficult situations."

Marianne Williamson,
author of Everyday Grace

"Jordan Paul has spent most of his adult life considering the interplay of heart, soul, spirit and mystery. Now, he uses his wisdom and insight to lead readers on a compelling journey whose destination holds the promise of a life of personal and spiritual growth. But be aware that Jordan goes well beyond the inspirational to provide specific information and guidance you can use immediately. Think of this book as a guidebook for the rest of your life."

James A. Autry,
author of The Servant Leader and The Spirit of Retirement.